Apparently I’m not happy until my stomach is overflowing.  Well shit.



Tomorrow I’ll start clean and fresh.  Tomorrow I won’t touch the snacks meant for mom.  Tomorrow I’ll only eat lots of yogurt.  Tomorrow, tomorrow.  Always then.  Never yesterday, never now.  Tomorrow.


I have problems.  Issues?  Mental roadblocks?  Stressed, let’s eat!  Screw the keep yourself in maintenance mode.  I want to eat then make myself feel sick and horrible.  I need to stop reading food blogs.  Stop arguing with my mother who has dementia that she smells because that’s not how you’re supposed to do this.  Everyone praises me, says I’m doing a great job.  Then I do shit like this.

I could rant more.  I’m going to stop, lay in bed, wake up in a couple of hours, browse online, go back to bed, hope I don’t overeat (oh that is a lost cause), get up ready to go for work, work, gym, home, rinse lather and repeat.


New place

As can always be found with new blogs, this is a work in progress.  It’s free, I may disregard this. I don’t know what I’ll do with this to be honest.  Just to vent?  Just to put my rambles down?  Life changes and it’s not always for the better.

I may note recipes or food.  Movies to remember or just to say what the hell just happened?

Greetings.  Hey there how’s it going?