Hearing my mother talking about me and back and forth random ends makes me feel depressed.  I want to sleep but I need to be awake to finish drying her blankets because she wet the bed.  Again.  And she’s upset for wearing depends.  I totally totally understand it.  But when you don’t remember to put on a new pair when you take off the old ones and get upset for changing in the middle of the living room (I closed the blinds, good grief),  sigh.  6 whoopee pies (which I bought on purpose) then a Lindt bunny (which I meant for mom).  Maybe I’ll need to make a 2 a.m. trip to CVS to stock up for her.  But I think she didn’t eat the Lindt because she didn’t understand what it was.

This is me, killing myself with food.  And a poor very poor self esteem no matter how hard my trainer tries to cheer me up.