Horoscopes are entertainment.  I’m right on the cusp between Cancer and Leo so I usually read both.  Though one could say I could read any one of the astrological signs and prefer one over the other since the stars and the signs don’t align anymore.  Oh well.

Anyways, today I opted for Leo:  “Your dreams are big, but they will be achieved just as anything else is achieved: minute by minute.”

I’m in a 5K today.  Of course it’s much colder out than yesterday.  Temps will be 25 with a wind chill of 13, winds 20 mph.  Oh god why the hell am I doing this?!  

If I can be selfish and take the horoscope to heart, I can do this today.  My goal for all 5K’s is to be finish under 40 minutes and so far I’ve done that.  Even the one in December which ending up walking more than running due to a side ache.  Reminds me, start stretching that out now!  

So self, take it to heart, you can do this.  Damnit.  


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